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This is a list of all festivals and holy days recognised by Ecclesia Antinoi. The Beginning of the Year is reckoned as October 30th, the Day on which Antinoopolis was founded. The observances of the Sacred Peregrination to the East are also listed by date, though not in chronological order. They are described as (Per. An. I) or Peregrination Year One, Two and Three in Latin abreviation.


30- The Foundation of Antinoopolis
31- Antinous Liberator
31- Death of River Phoenix


1- Antinous Pantheon
7- St. Tom of Finland
10- St. Arthur Rimbaud
11- Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep
20- Antinous in Byblus (Per. An. II)
20- The Colossoi of Memnon (Per. An. III)
23- The Temple of Olympian Zeus (Per. An. I)
27- The Birth of Antinous
27- The Martyrdom of St. Harvey Milk


1- Nova Aquilae v1492
2- The Marquis de Sade
11- St. Cardinal Alessandro Albani
15- The Birth of Lucius Verus
17- Jalaludin Rumi
22- Antinous Sol Invictus
22- Antinous in Delphi (Per. An. I)
22- Antinous in Emesa (Per. An. II)
22- Antinous in Colchis (Per. An. III)
25- Saturnalia
31- The Apotheosis of Aelius Caesar


1- Janus
6- Bacchanalia
8- The Massacre of Christians at Antinoopolis
10- The Burning of the Sodomites
11- Victoria Antinoi
11- Juturnalia
12- Antinous Navigator
12- Antinous in Thebes Greece(Per. An. I)
12- Antinous in Hieropolis (Per. An. II)
13- The Birth of Aelius Caesar
20- St. Sebastian
22- The Assumption of Ganymede
23- St. Asclas of Antinoe
24- The Birth of Hadrian
28- The Gay Holocaust
29- The Sacred Star of Antinous


1- Antinous on Mount Ida (Per. An. I)
1- Antinous in Armenia (Per. An. II)
1- The Opening of the Mouth (Per. An. III)
14- St. Valentinus
15- Lupercalia
28- The Adoption of Antoninus Pius


1- The Apotheosis of Antoninus Pius
1- The Ascension of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus
6- Antinous in Nicomedia (Per. An. I)
11- The Assassination of Elagabalus
15- Antinous in Bithynia (Per. An. I)
16- St. Timothy and St. Maura
17- The Apotheosis of Marcus Aurelius
19- St. Robert Mapplethorpe
21- Mars
21- The Apotheosis of Sabina
21- Antinous in Pessinus (Per. An. I)
21- Antinous in Palmyra (Per. An. II)
21- The Entombment (Per. An. III)
21- The Death of Adonis
21- The Death of Attis
26- The Prophet Walt Whitman
31- St. Hypatia of Alexandria


1- Veneralia
6- Antinous in Pergamum (Per. An. I)
8- St. Vaslav Nijinsky
8- St. John Addington Symonds
9- Antinous in Sardis (Per. An. I)
10- St. Apollonius and St. Philemon
10- Megalensia
11- Antinous in Arabia(Per. An. II)
15- St. Jean Genet
15- St. Arian, his Body-Guards and St. Theotykos
20- Antinous in Aphrodisias (Per. An. I)
21- Eros
21- Priapus
21- Natalis Urbis
21- The Sacred Bear Hunt
21- The Sacred Games of Antinoeios
26- The Birth of Marcus Aurelius


1- The Sacred Boar Hunt (Per. An. I)
6- Nazis storm the Institute for Sexual Science
10- The Antinoopolitan Lovers
14- St. Magnus Hirschfeld
15- Mercury
15- Antinous in Jerusalem (Per. An. II)
21- Castor and Pollux
21- Hadrian Returns to Rome (Per. An. III)
21- St. Plato
22- Canis Erigoneius
30- St. Joan of Arc


1- St. Marguerite Porete
4- St. Socrates
8- St. Johann Joachim Winckelmann
11- Rise of the Star of Antinous
4- St. George Cecil Ives
21- Apollo
21- Antinous in Ephesus (Per. An. I)
21- The Entry into Egypt (Per. An. II)
21- The Sacred Obelisk (Per. An. III)
22- Hyacinthus
27- The Stonewall Riots
29- St. Edward Carpenter


1- Antinous in Laodicea (Per. An. I)
8-9- The Ascension and Consecration of Hadrian
10- The Apotheosis of Hadrian
11- Castalia
15- Antinous in Tarsus (Per. An. I)
19- Martyrdom of the Iranian Teenagers
20- The Birth of Alexander
25- Inundation of the Nile


1- The Departure from Tibur (Per. An. I)
1- Antinous in Antioch (Per. An. II)
1- Antinous in Alexandria (Per. An. III)
2- The Departure from Rome (Per. An. I)
3- Antinous in Ostia (Per. An. I)
11- The Accession of Hadrian
12- Hercules Invictus
13- The Birth of Diana
15- Antinous in Corinth (Per. An. I)
20- The Sacred Band
21- Antinous in Mantineia (Per. An. I)
21- Antinous in Tyre-Sidon (Per. An. II)
21- The Sacred Lion (Per. An. III)
21- The Miracle of the Red Lotus
27- Iranian Death Sentence


6- Antinous in Athens (Per. An. I)
19- The Birth of Antoninus Pius
21- The Mysteries of Eleusis (Per. An. I)
21- Antinous on Mount Cassius (Per. An. II)
21- The Blessing of St. Carpocrates (Per. An. III)
21- The Sacred Ship of Antinous
25- Antinous in Heliopolis (Per. An. III)
28- Antinous at Giza (Per. An. III)


1- The Orphic Mysteries (Per. An. I)
5- Antinous in Baalbek (Per. An. II)
5- Antinous in Memphis (Per. An. III)
7- St. Sergius and St. Bacchus
11- National Coming Out Day
11- Antinous in Oxyrhynchus (Per. An. III)
12- The Martyrdom of St. Matthew Shepard
13- The Condemnation of the Order of Knights Templar
22- Antinous in Hermopolis (Per. An. III)
24- St. Harry Hay
24- The Passion of Osiris
25- The Descent of Sophia
26- The Epiphany of Anti-Nous
27- Homotheosis
28- The Death of Antinous
29- The Descent into the Underworld


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