The Antinous Reliefs

The Antinous Albani Relief

(The Lobby of Dr. Hershfeld's Revolutionsary Gay Research Headquarters in Berlin)

The Antinous Equestrian Albani Relief

The Antinous Lanuvium Relief

The Antinous Relief of London

The Antinous Relief of the Louvre

The Antinous Christian Relief
Found at Antinoopolis, it shows an Antinous-like figure
Holding both a crucifix of Jesus and a grape bunch of Bacchus

Other Antinous Reliefs

Antinous of the Agora, Athens
Torso of Hadrian in Armor, decorated with an image of Antinous

The Tondos of Arch of Constantine

The tondos were taken from a monument of Hadrian,
They show Hadrian, Antinous and other members of the court hunting a boar, a bear, and a lion,
And also making sacrifice to Apollo, Hercules, Silvanus, and Diana.
The Tondos are the only surviving images that shows Antinous and Hadrian together in life.



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