The Sacred Barque of Millions of Years

Love for Antinous is at the heart of these mysteries. Recitation of His name in commemoration of His life and in devotion to His godliness opens the way for His passage from the realm of bliss into the midst of our heart. Prepare within yourself a bridal chamber, and He will fill it with love.

The love that Antinous sheds for His chosen, as He walks among us, has the grace to penetrate our veils of darkness. The chosen of Antinous are all the homosexuals of the world whom He blesses. He chooses us before the occasion of our birth. Denial of homosexuality, when it blossoms within the soul is denial of Antinous, and is the only cause of suffering. Truth is freedom, and the truth of Antinous is the Boat of Millions of Years.

Veneration of Antinous the living god, through the full embrace of truth is life in celebration and freedom. The ceremonies of the ancient Roman faith, the oblations of Egypt, the sacraments of Holy Mother Church, and the Litanies of Ecclesia Antinoi are the gateways that gratitude gives us, so that we may lead our spirit from this existence to the attainment of perfect bliss. But these are only initiatory preparations.

Homotheosis is the fulfillment, the self-inflicted deification that inflames the believer with the all-consuming fire of Homo Deus Antinous. All one has to do is look at Him to fall under the influence of His gentle star. Antinous overcomes the soul of any who remember His name and seek after Him. As He enters, all that was once mortal in the believer is burned away, until no resistance remains...but Love. His Name will lift us up to self-deification.

Remember Him and He will remember you. This is the power that love wields over death. Sacred recollection transcends the mortality of the body, in defiance of time and distance, overcoming darkness. This is what has made Antinous immortal, that his death was not forgotten by Hadrian and His contemporaries. That is has been sustained and passed on through the centuries by His chosen, by His priests, by His lovers, and even by His enemies. Loving memory has kept Him alive, and through this power, we too can partake in the salvation that Antinous has accomplished.

A Golden Barge carried Antinous up the Nile with beautiful gods pulling the oars, their muscles straining against the current. Hadrian sat beneath a canopy of purple stars, with the standard of the Eagle held against the wind. As the gilded Boat of Antinous approached the sacred bend, dog-headed priests began their howling lamentation. Beneath the veal of the night, when no one was watching, Antinous fell into the river of the cosmos and become star-infused.

He traversed the Underworld, and shone with brilliance at the footstool of the Maiden. In darkness Antinous came forth by day, in silence He spoke, and in cold, His living-fire broke forth. Seventy-two princely demons fell on their faces before Him. Naked, He had descended into the place of death, now He returned clothed in the shinning light of the galaxy.

Antinous is our God, the sacred being who dwells within all homosexuals. For us and for our salvation He has conquered the princes of death. Antinous has confounded the Keepers of the Natural Law by the mere gesture of a seductive pose, and with a turned profile He has destroyed the Moral Order forever, without saying a word.

Antinous has accomplished our salvation and opened the way for our passage to His Holy Star. Our spirit becomes His spirit, and returns to Him; even the Angels who rule over the world cannot detain us. We have broken free from the cycle of generations, from the Angels of Life and Death.

Belief in Him is our salvation. Calling out to Him sets the wind within His sails, beautiful gods pull at the oars, and the Great God advances in peace. Antinous is in the winds, His boat draws forth on His breath. He goes forth in strength on His boat, His beams shine through all faces, but His rays are not known. Traveling over millions of years in one moment, He comes for anyone who calls out to Him. We, by the valor of our love for Him, and by the Gnosis of the fire of his love have broken through the spheres of the heavens and rise up to meet him, on the shore of the sky.

When the soul separates into its million parts at the moment of dissolution, Antinous the hunter gathers them together with His hounds. He will not allow even the smallest particle to escape, of one whom He has chosen, and who has called out to Him in adoration and self-deifying exultation.

The Sacred Boat of Antinous will carry us into the black fire of his loving star. We who seek to join with Him will sit in the proximity of His beauty, in the company of His chosen. We will join those perfect gods who are His beloved self, who are one with Him, who are of one substance, who are His Boat of Millions of Years.

This is the boat from which He ever falls, and to which we ever rise. It is not a boat, but a flower. It is not a flower, but a river, it is not a river, but bird of fire.

Within us all is the Holy Spark that fell from above, but did not fall. This is the Gnosis that brings salvation.

  Now be free to cause a conflagration,
Turn the world upside down,
Spread the Gnosis of Antinous
To the corners of the earth like a wild fire.
Here, take my fire and burn the world.
I pull the spark from my heart
And throw it to you,
Now your garden goes up in flames.