The Citizens of Antinoopolis




The ancient Religion of Antinous was officially and solemnly refounded by a group of early Antinous believers, who assumed the name Ecclesia Antinoi, on October 30th 2002. Ecclesia Antinoi was the first group of believers to re-institute the Religion and Cult of Antinous in the modern world.

As part of the effort to re-found the ancient Religion, the early members created a yahoo group for the purpose of communicating with Antinous believers everywhere in the world. This Yahoo Group continues to be a focus of Antinous devotion and of gay spirituality in general.

The word Ecclesia refers to the democratic assembly of the citizens of ancient Athens, and is used in this sense to imply that all members of the community of Antinous are equal citizens in the spiritual City of Antinoopolis. The official head of the Ecclesia Antinoi is the group moderator known as the Epistrategos of Antinoopolis, which was the title conferred by Hadrian upon the original “Mayor of Antinoopolis”..who is also known as the Nomarch, or head of the region...there being at present only one region...the entire globe.

The current Epistrategos of Antinoopolis is Priest Herenestus who has served as group moderator since 2007. The Epistrategos is responsible for maintaining group cohesion, approving membership, censoring inappropriate content, and encouraging and maintaining records of the Citizenry of Antinoopolis.

The Priesthood of Antinoopolis is separate from but part of the Ecclesia Antinoi. The Priesthood does not serve as the leadership body of Ecclesia Antinoi, being merely equal members. The Priesthood serves as the leadership of Religio Antinoi, which includes all those who willingly and openly profess devotion to Antinous as a god. Ecclesia Antinoi does not require devotion to Antinous as a condition for membership, nor does Ecclesia Antinoi require allegiance to the Priesthood of Antinous or it's beliefs.

Membership in Ecclesia Antinoi is free and open to anyone who has any interest in Antinous. It is recommended that one who wishes to be known as a member of Ecclesia Antinoi join the yahoo group so as to communicate with others of like mind.

Formal registration as a Citizen of Antinoopolis is offered by the Epistrategos. To apply for citizenship, please join the Ecclesia Antinoi group and send a request to the Epistrategos for recognition as a citizen.