Antinous is God
Though his city lies in ruins
Crumbled scattered forgotten
Antinous is God

Antinous is God
For me
For you

When did I first cross paths with The Gay God Antinous? I can not really say with all certainty. Sometimes I think Antinous has always been with me as a muse in my poetry, a whisper in the twilight looking after me in my travels and adventures around the world. Antinous the image and Antinous the Gay God are one in the same to me. His image is a channel and manifestation of Gay spirituality, hope and inspiration.

My awakening to the spiritual side of Antinous happened slowly around 2000 and has grown ever since, turning into a quest, a spiritual journey of self. In 2004 I wrote a paper for an English class based on the love affair of Hadrian and Antinous. In 2007 I stumbled across The Temple of Antinous and became acquainted with the Flamen Antonyus Subia and all his mad ranting when he and I went on a pilgrimage together to the Getty Villa in search of the Getty Antinous Statue.

To meeting the wonderful Wendy and the magnificent Hernestus, taking part in a Candlelight Vigil through West Hollywood and becoming a founding member of the Antinous Temple of Hollywood and witnessing the Priesthood of Uendi ? Who would have thought insanity could be so fun?

It was this quest for knowledge about Antinous that gave birth to the idea of the Sacred Knights of Antinous ? Which are really based on the Praetorian Guards which protected the Emperors of Rome, and on the Knights Templar. We are the escorts on the Imperial trireme Galley which carries the souls of the Deified Emperor Hadrian, the beloved Antinous, and all the gay saints and martyrs in the Constellation of Antinous. We are the spiritual wing of the gay legion, defending our gay faith and promoting gay culture whereever we may be.

As much as I would like to know every single detail of Antinous?s life, I also love the fact that his life is a mystery hidden in the sands of time. Antinous to me is the eternal mystery which promotes individual spirituality, a path for gay people to find acceptance of self and personal passion.

My poetry reflects this journey.

The Sacred Knights of Antinous acknowledge our gay brothers and sisters who have come before us and also those who shall follow us. In peace we walk and in divinity do we follow. For we know that we all will one day meet again on the Boat of a Million Years circling the Dark Star of our eternal gods ? we who have survived persecution and plague yet we are still here.

If that is not divine, then what is? We are beacons of the new age called to witness the great turning of the wheel. Guardians of the past and protectors of the future, we welcome the new God for a new age.

Ave Antinous! Ave Hadrian! Your people are here!

Stephanos Kilgore,

Sacred Knight of The New Religion of Antinous