Ancient Antinous Documents

Antinous Inscriptions



…Hadrian Caesar by his hand (Imperial Decree) consecrates Antinous the Deified…


We the Adriatic assembly, standing in awe of the beautiful Antinous, raise you, the new god Hermes. Nicias dedicates this, who you, O Blessed One, made your priest and who has been serving as a priest through his life.

Hadrian’s Villa

Antinous and Belenus are equal in age and beauty, thus why would Antinous not also be worshipped like Belenus appropriately, Quintus the Sicilian



Antinous Epiphanios, Pheidos Akulas,
[Julius Fidus Aquila]
Epistrategos of the Thebais


Rome, Campus Martius

To Antinous, Enthroned with the Gods of Egypt.
M. Oulpios, Prophet of Apollo


Athens, Theater of Dionysus

For the Priest of Antinous,
from the chorus of the God of the Dance



Hostillios Marcellus the Priest of Antinous



Isodoros Didymos son of Didymos, Priest of Antinous


Rome, Porta San Sebastiano

For the Loyal and Faithful Publius Sufenas, the Palmyrian, Equites, Roman Decurial of Clerks and Curule Aediles, Lupercus, Priest of Laurenti Lavinati, Fratria member of Antinous and Eunostos in Naples, fourth Decurion Male Citizen of Alba Longa Bovillenses, profitably to his merits willingly gives says and dedicates this.



Eurycles Herculanus built this stoa with the seats for the city of Mantineia, and for our fellow countryman, the god Antinous by his heirs.



..Antinous and Athenian…



…of those from the temple of Sebastian [Augustus] and of those from the temple of Nemean Zeus and of those from the temple of Antinous in Argos and of those from the temple of Antinous in Mantineia.



The City of the Alexandrians and Hermopolis the Great and the Council of the New Greek Antinoans and the Greek living in the delta of Egypt, and those living under the law of Thebais, honored Poplios Ailios Aristeidein Theodorus for his many virtues and for his words.


My father has set me, Antinous, up because of my beauty, as a result of this, my mother has given me an everlasting memorial


Temple of Antinous at Socanica

This temple is dedicated to Antinous the Hero, by command of Emperor Caesar Trajan Hadrian Augustus and his son Lucius Aelius Caesar Augustus, the colonists of the Dardanian silver mines, by the administration of the Imperial Procurator Telesphoros, freely made this


Temple of Antinous at Carnutum

Imperator Lucius Aelius Caesar son of Trajan Hadrian Augustus, of tribunician power, consul, twice proconsul, quindecemvir, made this temple sacred to Antinous.