Homotheosis is the sacrament of becoming one with Antinous, of not only loving, worshipping and serving His memory, but of opening the petals of our flaming soul, of skin of human body in which we are encased, to the living spirit of Antinous. In order to partake of His divine presence, one must become the same as Antinous, homogenous, consubstantial, and coeternal...in as much as one is able. Even a small trace of Homotheosis is a miraculous and sacred blessing to have within the soul.

Homotheosis is the sacredness of being gay...it is Gay Consciousness...the realization of transcendence and bliss, the power and beauty of homosexual fire, spread everywhere, throughout the cosmos...the gay spirit that has existed since the beginning of time...which came into being in the body and soul of Antinous.

The perfect beauty of Antinous which so captivated Hadrian and so inspires any who believe in HIM, ceases to be an external image against whom the believer is incomparable and inferior. This drawing in of the beauty of Antinous illuminates the interior self, endowing us with all the radiance, all the subtle qualities, the grace, peace, melancholy, devotion, and joy that pour from the beautiful presence of Antinous the god.

Homotheosis is a passageway to the eternal Tomb of Antinous within our heart
Homotheosis is a Barque of Millions of Years setting sail upstream upon the Nile of the Sky
Homotheosis is a Pink Lotus Flower opening a thousand petals between Gay Men
Homotheosis is the final sigh of a lion with a spear of Antinous thrust into it's side
Homotheosis is the dark light of an unseen star that shines over the face of the Earth.

Homotheosis is man-godliness, or same-as-godliness, or gay-godliness, and it can only be accomplished by a self-inflicted act of faith in the power of homosexuality, after the example of Antinous. One must deny the existence of death and decay, which is rightfully called transient, and cast the mortal self into the rushing waters of the Nile that flows within the veins and arteries of our true, perfect, interior self. A body that is the same as and as beautiful as the marble flesh of Antinous the God. This is not turning away from life, but turning to Life for the very first time, and finding the light of the Unconquered Sun that has always shined within...which bathes the whole world in with a sheen of all-pervasive beauty.

Homotheosis is a process of becoming as much like Antinous as one possibly can, of seeking to cultivate an Antinous-growth within one's own heart, of gazing out upon the world with the eyes of a passerby

This is the mystery of the Cosmic Love, where the Lover and the Beloved are united in a spirit that is more than coexistent, being of one substance. Homotheosis is the blessed state in which Gay Man and Antinous are undifferentiated.

Homotheosis is the Power and Blessing of Being Gay.