Ancient Antinous Documents

Aurelius Prudentius
Contra Symmachum II, 270-277

And what of this scandalous outrage so elegantly honored
Which claims that Antinous has his place the among the stars,
He who was a boy favorite, now deified among the Emperors,
Who upon the purple bosom castrated the fate of his manliness,
The deified Ganymede of Hadrian.
It was not the purified cup of the gods,
But in full view as he reclined upon the bed of Jupiter,
As ambrosial nectar, he solemnly drank his wine
And in the middle of the temple openly declared his marriage.


Ad Famae excidium formae nituisse decore
Quid Locuar Antinoam caelesti in sede locatum
Illum delicias nunc divi principis
Illum purpureo in gremio spoliator sorte virili
Hadrianique dei Ganymedem,
Non cyathos diis porgere
Sed medio recubantem cum Jove fulcro
Nectaris ambrosii sacrum potare lyaeum
Cumque suo in templis vota exaudire marito