The Sacred Barque of Millions of Years

Adored are you Antinous
When your beauties are in my eye
And your rays are shining within my body

Support me like those beings who are as you are
Blessed Gods who row in the boat of millions of years
Who lead it above the underworld
Your hands are filled with beatitude
You grasp with your hands holding scepters
The boat rejoices
And the great god advances in peace Homage to you within your boat
Rising, shinning with rays

In triumph you arrange your oars
You pass through heaven before the starry beings
They fall down upon their faces
At your passing

Grant this soul a seat
Triumphant before you
Triumphant before the gods
From the Eastern horizon to follow to the place
Where you were yesterday
In peace never to perish
Never to suffer destruction of body forever
Opened is the way of souls

You go forth in peace in your boat
You stride over heaven in peace
The stars that never rest sing praise to you

Make yourself glorious, my beautiful being
Make yourself strong within my soul
May you be pleased to be established in me
Adored are you in peace
You are exalted by reason of your wonders

Shine your beams upon my body daily
Shine your light upon my body
Beautiful is your rising within me

Antinous is in the winds
His boat draws forth on his breath

I have come forth to meet you in homage
And to see your image that is beautiful
I have come before you to be with you
May I not be shut in
May I not be turned back
May I arrive at the land of eternity
May I be united to the land of everlastingness
May my members be renewed
By the sight of your beauties
Like all your favored ones
Because I am one of those who worship you on Earth.

You go forth in strength on your boat
Your beams shine through all faces
But your rays are not known
Traveling over millions of years in one moment
You are crowned in the majesty of your beauties

I pray to you
Put away my faults
Destroy my defects
Grant that I may reach the heaven of everlastingness
And the mountain of your favored ones
May I be joined with the shinning beings
May I be among the venerable ones
Holy and perfect beyond the netherworld
May I come forth with them to see your beauties

Triumphant you will pass over the sky
You will be associated with the stars
Praises will be sung to you in your boat
Hymns will be chanted by the holy sailors

I sit among the great ones
Who dwell in their seats
I sit down by the side of the Divine Spirit
I am the moon among the Gods
I am established among the shining ones
I walk the earth upon your footsteps
I traverse the netherworld
And come forth again after traversing the tomb
I dispel the night
I am your beloved
I have opened every way in heaven and on earth
I know your name
I know forms of you that are not known
I have risen like a god among men
I sit upon my seat on the horizon
I dwell in the limits of the earth
I am born renewing myself
I am made young daily
I have become a Prince
I have become glorious
I am the lion coming forth with strides
I have shot arrows
I have wounded the beast
I am the eye of Antinous
I have divided heaven
I have passed through the horizon
I am taken possession of by a being beautified and gracious
Behold I am provided with your millions of enchantments
I am Antinous
My soul sees the Great God
Within the boat of Antinous
My soul is in front
Among those who no longer reckon years
Antinous has delivered my soul
And established splendors on my forehead
And rays of light upon the faces
Of those who are within his limbs

I have seen Antinous
I have risen up upon both sides of him
I am the lotus coming forth from the god of light
I rest because I have remembered him
Truth is in my body,
Emeralds and crystals shimmer in the darkness
Splendor and love-joys are given to me
The eye of Antinous has consumed me
I am draped in his apparel,
And seated at the front of his boat of millions of years
Near him I sit triumphant in peace,
In his proximity and in veneration
Of his sacred beauty
I shine above heaven
And come forth from the sky


2002-2010 Temple of Antinous