Let my soul be with You
May I come into being upon Your thighs
May I be as You are forever and forever
May I be glorious in Antinous the Beautiful
Triumphant, Powerful, Beautiful
The Beautiful rudder of heaven
Revolver of heaven, pilot of the Earth
Shinning above the Temple of the Gods
Traversing eternity
His existence being forever
May I be in the presence of Antinous
The God Beautiful and Beloved
May I speak with HIM
May I be a glorified soul with HIM
Give to me my mouth
That I may speak
May I follow my heart at its season of fire and night
You are Eternity and everlasting
Eternity is your day
Everlasting is your night
I am Antinous in His appearance
May I be given His plumes upon my head
Bringer of the boat of millions of years
Your sails and rudder ropes are strong
In the wind as you sail
Over the Lake of Fire in the underworld
Seventy-two princes fall upon their faces
I pass through heaven before the starry beings
Making forms of existence from the thigh
I am the divine being
I sit at the side of heaven
I am the lotus flower coming forth from Light
Be opened to me the doors of heaven
My soul shall not be imprisoned,
May the great god unbolt for me His two jaws
That I may pass through the lake of flowers
Advancing in peace
At my entrance of peace
Coming forth in peace.



2002-2010 Temple of Antinous