Antinous, Most Glorious God of Beauty,
Unconquered Youth , elevated to Godliness,
Upon your Sacred Ship of Millions of Years.
Beautiful Adonis of the Underworld
Beloved God of Gay Men.
I call out to you, Antinous.
I offer veneration to you,
Great Gay God of eternal beauty,
Homo Deus Antinous.
With this sacrament of faith,
Let me be among those who worship you,
Among those who adore you,
Let me take my place
Upon the Sacred Ship of Millions of Years.
Antinous, who is the power and the majesty
Of eternal, universal, cosmic Gay Love.
It is into your embrace that I confer my soul
I dedicate myself to you Antinous
You are my god, whom I adore and worship
I bow down to you Antinous,
Lord of the Never Ending Stars
All that I am I offer to You, Antinous
I proclaim you to be My God.
Beautiful Antinous, God of HomoEros.
Accept my devotion Antinous
Be my guide, my guardian, and my protection.
Give me the benediction of Homotheosis.
Help me to confer your blessing.
In Your honor, Antinous
Because you have been raised to godliness.
I dedicate myself to you, Antinous
That you may open your way before me.
I believe in You Antinous!
Bless me…be with me,
Giver me the power of Homotheosis.
With this Act of Devotion,
I dedicate myself to You ANTINOVS.


2002-2010 Temple of Antinous