Beautiful Antinous of Bithynia
You are the Most Great and Good God
You are the God of Homosexual Love
Your perfect face is the morning star
Of the neverending heavens.
Most beautiful Prince of Flowers,
Adonis of the Underworld,
This Antinoicon is your true and sacred beauty.
This Idol is the Divine Truth of your sacred Image.
In the arrangement of your curls
The whole universe unfolds, the stars are your crown,
The laurels and the ivy of the far-flung galaxy
Are placed upon your brow.
You are the spirit of unconquered youth, 
Antinous of the lotus flower...beautiful Gay Adonis,
River of the Stars, sparkling crown of the sacred nights,
We proclaim the divine perfection of your graceful body
You are the divine kalokagathia of eternal youth

Antinous of the Flowering Heart
Bursting forth within our deepest flesh
Covering the whole world with your fragrance.
Antinous of the Underworld, Immortal Excellence,
Radiant, super-cosmic, perfect, reflection of Narcissus
To look upon you is to behold omnipotent Gay Power
You are the manifestation of eternal Homotheosis,
Our sacred burning of Homosexual Love,
Which is the Love of the Same Splendid face
Shinning within the heart of all gay men,
As clearly and as brilliantly as the light
Of your ever-lasting, immortal beauty of body and soul
You are the God of Beauty,

Your Face is Full of Grace,
We worship your idol and adore your exquisite form
Your Godly image of absolute perfection and beauty
Because you truly lived and were truly loved by Hadrian,
The true beauty of your body is our most sacred miracle.
We are sanctified by the divine perfection of your beauty
Through the intercession of your sacred Antinoicon.
 Behold…This is the Face of Antinous the God


2002-2010 Temple of Antinous