Ancient Antinous Documents


Application to the Nomarch of Antinoopolis

P. Lond. Inv. 1905 (Aegyptus, 13, 518 ff)

Dated 9th February, A.D. 151

Petronius Mamertinus, former prefect, made known to us the benefits granted to us by Divus Hadrianus, the founder of our city, by which he directed that the children of Antinoites who are registered by us, their parents, within thirty days of their birth should be maintained from the proceeds of funds granted by him for this purpose and from other revenues. I therefore register the son born to me, Heraclides alias Valerius, twenty days old, by my wife Ninnarous daughter of Orsenuphis, an Antinoite, the fee for whose birth certificate I paid through the most excellent Senate, furnishing three guarantors of the marriage and the parentage, Lysanias son of Didymus, of the Matidian tribe and Plotinian deme, Didymus son of Didymus, of the Matidian tribe and Callitecnian deme, and Ptolemaeus son of Heraclides, of the Osirantinoan tribe and Clitorian deme; and I swear by the Fortune of Imperator Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius and the most great god Osirantinous that the foregoing particulars are true, or may I be subject to the consequences of the oath.