In devotion to Antinous and in obedience to the edict of Hadrian to build Temples and spread the Religion of Antinous to the world, the Hollywood Temple was formally established on October 30th 2007 by Flamen Antonius, Priest Uendi and Knight Stephanos, with the assistance of Priest Hernestus who visited from Hamburg Germany for the occasion. The Hollywood Temple is the first Temple of Antinous to be officially declared since the dissolution of the Ancient Cult. Flamen Antonius Subia, who is the original founder of the Modern Religion and Cult of Antinous, is the current leader of the Hollywood Temple . The altar of the Temple is situated in the Flamen’s dinning room, in Hollywood California, which is where he has continuously worshipped Antinous since declaring his devotion to Antinous in Janunary 2000.

The Hollywood Temple of Antinous is dedicated to the veneration of Antinous in the Los Angeles area. Members meet regularly to celebrate the sacred festivals of Religio Antinoi throughout the year, and also for social gatherings and friendly outings. Anyone interested is welcome to join us in the veneration of Antinous, or to meet on a purely social basis. Temple members and priests are open to meet with anyone privately who is interested in learning more about Antinous.

Membership in the Hollywood Temple of Antinous is open to anyone, belief in Antinous is not required, membership in other groups is allowed and belief in other gods or creeds is accepted. Though the Hollywood Temple is primarily devoted to Gay Spirituality and worships Antinous as a God of Homosexuality, membership is not limited to Gay Men or Women, but is open to anyone and everyone with interest in Antinous, spiritually or otherwise.