Ancient Antinous Documents


Hymnus of Curium

We praise the Adonis of the Underworld
Whom we formerly called Antinous.
Grant harmonious divine melodies to me
The radiant-haired lyre player
Has lured me alone to this place,
The singer of songs, to sing for you.
It is for you that I strum the barbitos,
It is for you that the cythera sounds
At the untouchable altar of Hylates.
It is for you that I have assembled a chorus.
To call upon the sons of Phoroneus,
The sons of Perseus, who single-handedly
Chose this loftiest city above all others.
It is at your instruction that I sing to the Cythera ,
You with the curls of violet-blossom-locks,
Beautiful haired youth, blessed Bithynian,
Whose face is full of grace
Offspring of the Golden Winged Goddess.


- Translated by Priest Hernestus Gill