Antinous is God
Though his city lies in ruins
Crumbled scattered forgotten
Antinous is God
Hidden yet in plain view
Antinous is God
For me
For you
Golden Barge approaching
Black Star sing
Rage against the machine that would have you submit
Rage against the Machine that would have you deny yourself
Before the God
Antinoopolis lies in waist

Antinoopolis lays waiting
The great river flows
The nome of all waits to be discovered again
Mysteries complete
Ceremonies forgotten
Waiting to be chanted again
The great God of the eternal mysteries awaits your calling
Awaits your love and devotion
The spark of all time
The spark of now
Antinous is God
He is waiting

July 12, 2008



And the drums of death beat their eternal rhythm
The moon was upon high
Drums beat their eternal rhythm
Voices screaming through time
Pain too much
World too dark
His spirit to gentle
The drums beat their eternal rhythm
Dark clouds surround
The flicker of his golden spark
Can anyone see into the night?
Shadows that haunt
Another night on crystal
Day three
Paranoia sinks in
Drums beat their eternal rhythm
Another dawn will not do
Candle blown out
Where do the gentle souls go?
The drums beat their eternal rhythm
Taking another sweet soul

April 28, 2008



Antinous Consciousness
Caught in a web
Floating in the Nile
Under the Dark Star
Glide through a field of red lotus
Look up and see yourself
Moving through an October sky
In the Web you are not caught but found
Breath in the fragrance
Pungent sweet new
Antinous Consciousness
All around you
Past present future

June 1, 2008



Antinous is a mummy
Buried in the desert
Dressed in purple
Painted blue
Like the god Krishna
Antinoopolis the insane zoo
Desert fanatics
Antinonian threat
Mummy hidden
Sleeping tight
Under Alexander
Crystal delight
Dark star raging
Recon pagan burning in the flame of lies
PHD in hand mouth of flies
Antinous dancing
Painted tomb
Two gay gods unite
Crocodile eyes
Vulture wings
Wrath of Ra
Stars fall from the sky
Day will be night again
Antinous Gay God Dancing

August 27, 2008


Into the Nile he slipped
Silently he sank into dark water
With the current
Surrendering to his fate
Swirling in the waters of eternal life
Divine sacrifice
Life fleeting surrender to the night
Tranquility, calm into the arms of Isis
Mother of Gods
Queen of the eternal mysteries
She lays him on the eastern shore
A gift to the great Zeus
Talons are his chariot
Stars his road
Dark star of eternity
Guiding from afar
Antinous rising

Antinous is vibration
An act of faith
Without darkness there is no light
All paths lead to the Dark star
Golden Barge of a million years
Belief is vibration
Float forward
Waking dream
Antinous did not die but was born
Eternal vibration
There is no religion just belief
The dream is reality
Reality the lie
There is no sin
Right or wrong
All paths lead to the golden barge
Dark star
Antinous is the moon the Sun
Atum Ra
Nile eternal
Sun rise
Sun set
Cycle of the Moon
All vibrations are one
Do you feel it

May 28, 2008

Antinous the divine
Sacred shrines
Lost and forgotten
Hiding in the present
Guiding from the dark
Your star watches over us
Your mysteries draw us into the journey of the divine
Like the Nile wandering through the desert you give us life
Nourishing our souls filling our dreams
Guiding us ever forward
To the dark star within

July 31, 2007

I am Anubis guardian of the dead
I am a Knight of Antinous drenched in red
I am the river Styx where the living meet the dead
Standing on the shore of Cocytus
Woe and Lamentation guide the way
River of fire lights the night
Drink from oblivion
Past is dead
Pain is gone
Journey forward
Charon waits
Penny for tongue but not your thoughts
Eternal guard
Three headed breath of despair
One way ticket never a care
The knights are waiting to lead the way
Into the dark to find the light
Flames ignite
Star calls
Antinous waiting calling you home
Eternal barge waits dock side
Anubis smiles
All is right

October 3, 2007



Blue Antinous sipping honey wine
Blue Antinous Blows my Mind
Healing dreams
Glowing star
Hare Hare Antinous
We chant through the Night
Hare Hare Antinous
Show us your might
Lost in your beauty
Embraced in your aura
Hare Hare Antinous
Transcending light
Fly to the heavens
Swoop down below
Hare Hare Antinous
Take us through
Sing out loud
Lost ones
Antinous is here
Hare Hare Antinous
Lost in your eyes
Purple and bright
Soft blue skin
Hare Hare Antinous
Dance to your delight

September 3, 2008

Bloody Lion Pelt

Hidden temple in a sacred grove
Half moon in the sky
Sparkling stars on a misty night
Overgrown entrance to a mystical world
Guardian beetles and a temple cat
White like a crescent moon
Wild like the night
Braziers of incense
Magic words
Inundation of the Nile
Golden barge floats on a sea of red flowers
Naked youth wrapped in a lion pelt
Wet with blood
Emperor god stands with drenched spear
Fire in his eyes
Dying horses in the background
Falling stars mark the path
One lion dies another born
The Sphinx born in Leo pointing to Orion
The die is cast
Destiny calls
Three fates have answered
Isis awaits
Throne is thy
Antinous walks forward
No need to say goodbye

August 22, 2007